Hannah H. Tarindwa defines herself as a Social Scientist, and has been writing poetry ever since she was 13.


She entered her first competition by virtue of being a member of the Budding Writers Association of Zimbabwe at age 14, submitting 40 words to describe poverty. She won, and was made the youngest member of Artists Against Poverty.


It was only when she was 17 that she started taking poetry seriously when she studied English Literature at Advanced level but she was not courageous enough to seek to be published.


This Woman Revealed

Dipisicin eiusmo the magna waliqua veniam nostru exrctaion ullamco laboris.

The poetry in This Woman Revealed is from over seven years of writing. She has said that now that she has started publishing she intends on doing so at least twice a year for the rest of her life. Hannah feels that there aren’t enough black African writers on the shelves of bookshops and hopes to change that scenario. She is also interested in essay writing and is working on papers to be released within 2015 to 2016.


She lectures Journalism and Media in Windhoek, Namibia.


Hannah finds the time to work on new novels. Look out for these soon!!