Khadim Hussain came to England in October of 1967, not speaking a word of English. After his science-based education in Bradford during the early 70s, he moved to Middlesbrough in the summer of 1975. For thirteen years, he worked as an Experimental Assistant in the Research & Development Dept of I.C.I., Wilton. Other jobs have included machine technician and helping out in the family businesses; a curry house, printing press and a video rental store. He became interested in writing after attending a Creative Writing Course at Teesside University, taught by Bob Beagrie and Andy Willoughby. To develop his craft, Khadim studied for an MA in Creative Writing at Teesside in 2007/8.


Khadim's first book was Going for a Curry? A Social and Culinary History (2006). This was followed up by Walayat Deko (2008), Boro Football Poems 2009/2010:Season to Forget (2010), and Clerihews: A Satiric verse containing two rhyming couplets (2011). He has had his poems published in a range of books, magazines and newspapers, including the Evening Gazette, Northern Echo, Muslim Weekly, Daily Jang London, Bradford Telegraph and Argus, Middlesbrough F.C. fanzine fmttm (fly me to the moon), Kenaz, Tadeeb, The North East Poetry Journal, The Wilds (Ek Zuban 2007), Teesway One Nine Nine (Shutter Books, 2007), How Things Are Made: Poems for Gordon Hodgeon (Square One Books 2009), Sama Ghazal Salaam UK Poetry and Lyrics (Electraglade/Shutter Books 2009), and The Eye of Temenos: Reflections on Scared Space (Ek Zuban 2011). Khadim’s play Going For a Phal was performed at the Middlesbrough Literary Festival in the summer of 2011.


Fairfield Press is delighted and honoured that this great poet of Middlesbrough has entrusted us with the task of making digital editions of his extant work available to the world. Whether you are new to Khadim Hussain, or have been following the Bard of Boro with the pride of a true Smoggie (as residents of Middlesbrough are called), you will enjoy these e-books.


Praise for Hussain


"Poetry that encapsulates the passion that lies in the heart of every Boro fan.."- Steve Gibson, Chairman, Middlesbrough Football Club


"There’s a great tradition of singing and humour on the terraces, not just at Middlesbrough but at football clubs up and down the land. Khadim’s poetry is very much in that vein, taking an affectionate look at the lighter side of life. I’m sure supporters of all ages will greatly enjoy his latest collection." - Ray Mallon, former Mayor of Middlesbrough


“Khadim Hussain writes football poems like no one else, he humorously and quirkily chronicles the roller-coaster emotions of an armchair fan over a season or so in the dizzying contrast of high illusion and inevitable disappointment that every true Boro disciple knows so well", Andy Willoughby, former Middlesbrough Poet Laureate


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