Fairfield Press is an exciting new enterprise, rearing to make its mark on the literary landscape. Alas, at this point in time, we simply do not have the resources to publish every manuscript that is sent to us, no matter how much of a bestseller it promises to be. The maximum that we can take on in any year is 4.

However, there is a way......

Fairfield Press has a global distribution network across more than 40000 retailers worldwide. The list of distributors includes emergent markets for online bookstores and digital editions. Fairfield Press has a pool excellent proof-reading, editing and design personnel. We pay higher royalties than most traditional publishers.These are just some of the reasons why many authors would still prefer to publish with us. Furthermore, when your book is listed, it doesn't say how you came to publish with Fairfield Press. Your book will have the same professional finish that will entitle it a place on the shelves of any bookstore.

You can achieve this by selecting one of the author-supported publishing options offered by Fairfield Author Services, an associated publishing enterprise.

You can get this started by proceeding to their Publishing Options HERE